Ethic Case Example: Recruiting Tactics

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Michael Fuentes Student ID: 801-13-2460 CONT 3105 Section 005 Ethic Case: The recruiting Tactic Danielle’s situation is an uncomfortable one. Deriving from her boss’s irresponsibility, she is faced with the task of choosing interns for the company. The hiring of the interns has to be done in a timely matter yet Danielle’s boss has given her an unprofessional source, like Facebook to seek for the best of her colleagues for the internship positions. Morally speaking Facebook does not represent a viable means of selecting personnel for any company. It is like harassing to scrutinize people’s social and personal lives. Danielle is being affected by her boss’s lack of professionalism, yet she can take advantage of the situation by showing the manager the best way to solve the problem. She can address the task wisely and prove to be an outstanding intern. First she needs to communicate, I think communication is the key in this case. Danielle needs to tell her boss how she feels about peeking into her colleagues’ lives via Facebook. Then, she will need to provide another good and professional source to see which of her colleagues the best candidates for the internships are. “Linked-in”, in my opinion, is the perfect website to find her colleagues’ resumes and professionals portfolios. Danielle can also make an assessment and an evaluation of her fellow classmates since she had studied in a timely manner the references that her boss need to make a good decision in order to select the most qualified interns. Such alternatives are the best ways to address the problem without showing reluctance on her behalf to the manager. By such means Danielle can indeed maintain the prestigious of her internship conducting herself in an ethical way. I believe that if Danielle addresses the situation the way that her manager has instructed, other people
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