Essence of Diplomacy Essay

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Essence of Diplomacy Christer Jönsson and Martin Hall Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations General Editors: Donna Lee, Senior Lecturer in International Organisations and International Political Economy, University of Birmingham, UK and Paul Sharp, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Alworth Institute for International Studies at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA. The series was launched as Studies in Diplomacy in 1994 under the general editorship of G.R. Berridge. Its purpose is to encourage original scholarship on all aspects of the theory and practice of diplomacy. The new editors assumed their duties in 2003 with a mandate to maintain this focus while also publishing research which demonstrates the importance of diplomacy to contemporary international relations more broadly conceived. Titles include: G.R. Berridge (editor) DIPLOMATIC CLASSICS Selected Texts from Commynes to Vattel G. R. Berridge, Maurice Keens-Soper and T. G. Otte DIPLOMATIC THEORY FROM MACHIAVELLI TO KISSINGER Herman J. Cohen INTERVENING IN AFRICA Superpower Peacemaking in a Troubled Continent Andrew F. Cooper (editor) NICHE DIPLOMACY Middle Powers after the Cold War David H. Dunn (editor) DIPLOMACY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL The Evolution of International Summitry Brian Hocking (editor) FOREIGN MINISTRIES Change and Adaptation Brian Hocking and David Spence (editors) FOREIGN MINISTRIES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION Integrating Diplomats Michael Hughes DIPLOMACY BEFORE THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Britain, Russia and the Old Diplomacy, 1894–1917 Gaynor Johnson THE BERLIN EMBASSY OF LORD D’ABERNON, 1920–1926 Christer Jönsson and Martin Hall ESSENCE OF DIPLOMACY Donna Lee MIDDLE POWERS AND COMMERCIAL DIPLOMACY British Influence at the Kennedy Trade Round Mario Liverani INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST, 1600–1100 BC
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