Roosevelt's Progressive Ideas

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America is widely seen in the 20th century as a country 'growing up'. Two big presidents are frequently quoted as critical in this growth process. Theodore Roosevelt and his cousin - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In my essay, I would like to discuss their progressive ideas for the US. Being a president, Theodore Roosevelt wanted the US to be a world power or at least - one of the most powerful countries across the world. 'Walk softly but carry a big stick' - this African proverb makes up a description of his foreign policy. At the time of his presidency, the size of navy in America was dramatically increased. All of the ships were sent to the world to demonstrate others that the country means a lot on the world map. By his continuation of so-called 'Monroe Doctrine' , Roosevelt used a military power of the country to have an impact on the issue of politics in Latin America.The Panama Canal was built at that time (which was a shortcut for the ships). As a president of the US, Roosevelt was interested in what happened in other places in the world. In 1905, he contributed to the ceasefire between Japan and Russia. A year later, he won a Nobel Peace Prize for that. When it comes to his internal policy, he set up a 'Sqaure Deal'. The programme that was…show more content…
31) in early 1933. He started a streak of popular reforms collectively called the 'New Deal'. Everything to win over the Great Depression. The 'New Deal' gave people new chances to have a job. Building roads, bridges, dams, parks, schools, and other amenities are the instances. Also, it created Social Security, made banks insure their customers, gave direct aid to the needy, and made many regulations to the economy. Because of this, he was re-elected in 1936 and continued the 'New Deal'. The United States did not fully recover from the Great Depression until it entered World War II, in
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