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Tyler Kvetensky The Battle of Iwo Jima The Battle of Iwo Jima was long and hard. It took many days and many troops lives. The Marines came out successful in the end. The battle lasted from the 19th of February to the 26th of March 1945. The first carrier raids against Iwo Jima began in June 1944. Before the invasion, the 8 square mile island would suffer the longest, most intensive shelling of any Pacific island during the war. The 7th Air Force supplied the B-24 heavy bombers for the campaign. In addition to the air assaults on the island, the Marines asked for 10 days of pre-invasion naval bombardment. Due to other operational commitments and the fact that a lengthened air assault had been waged on Iwo Jima, Navy planners authorized only three days of naval bombardment. Unfavorable weather conditions would further delay the effects of naval bombardment. Despite this, they decided to keep the invasion date as planned, and the…show more content…
20, one day after the landing, the 28th Marines secured the southern end of Iwo and moved to take the summit of Suribachi. By day's end, one third of the island and Moto Yama Airfield No. 1 was controlled by the Marines. By Feb. 23, the 28th Marines would reach the top of Mount Suribachi and raise the U.S. flag. The Marines worked together to drive the enemy from the high ground. Their goal was to capture the area that appropriately became known as the "Meat Grinder." This section of the island included three distinct terrain features, which were the highest point on the northern part of the island, Hill 382 an elevation known as "Turkey Knob," which had been reinforced with concrete and was home to a large enemy communications center, and the "Amphitheater," a southeastern extension of Hill 382. A proud moment for those who worked so hard to gain control of the island was when a B-29 bomber made the first emergency landing on March 4. Repairs were made, refueling was completed and the aircraft was off to complete its

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