Battalion History 1-503rd

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Battalion History 1-503D The 1st BN 503D IN was originally constituted on 14 MAR 1941 and then activated on 21 AUG 1941 at FT. Benning, GA. On 02 MAR 1942 the BN began its initial training at FT. Bragg NC, following their training the battalion departed for the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO). On 5 SEP 1943, the BN conducted its 1st Airborne Op. of WWII into the Markham Valley, New guinea in support of Operation Alamo. This was the 1st successful airborne operation of the PTO. On 3 JUL 1944, the BN conducted its 2nd Airborne Op. onto the island of Nooemfor, off the coast of the Dutch New Guinea in support of Operation Table Tennis. It was here that SGT Ray E. Eubanks earned the Medal of Honor. On 16 FEB 1945 the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment jumped onto the island of Corregidor. However, due to high winds, the 1st BN had to conduct an amphibious assault the next day. This is important for 2 reasons: -The 503rd earned the nickname “The Rock” here. -For 1st BN, PVT Lloyd McCarter earned the Medal of Honor. After the end of WWII, the 1st BN was returned to the U.S. and deactivated on DEC 1945 at Camp Ansa, CA. During the 1950’s, the 1st BN served with the 11th Airborne Div., 24th Infantry Div. and 82nd Airborne Div. until being assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade on 23 MAR 1963 on the island of Okinawa, Japan. In MAY 1965, the 1st BN deployed with the 173rd to Vietnam. Over the next 6 years in Vietnam, the BN took part in 12 Operations, 3 of the most notable were: -Prior to Operation Hump, SGT Larry Pierce earned the Medal of Honor. -Operation Hump – NOV 1965, War Zone D, 1200 VC attacked the BN. The BN killed 403, however lost 48 American Paratroopers. SPC Lawrence Joel earned the Medal of Honor. -Operation Silver City – MAR 1966, 1st BN came air assaulted in to support 2nd BN (ABN), 503rd IN. SPC Alfred Rascon earned the Medal of

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