Battle Of Belle Wood Essay

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Battle of Belleau Wood The Battle of Belleau Wood was one of the most catastrophic battles to unfold during the First World War. The forces of America, Britain, and France, clashed against Germany in the densely wooded patches of Belleau Wood during the first day of June to the twenty-sixth of 1918. Specifically, this battle took place in the Aisne-Marne Sector, five miles immediately northwest of the town of Chateau-Thierry on the River Marne. Exact details depicting what actually happened are otherwise not attainable as sources express that the battle was a huge mess. Events will be directed as precise as possible. American marines had finally moved to Europe under General Barnett’s direction on June 14, 1917, but were scattered across France to do menial tasks until they were moved to the front on March, 1918. Marines sat in trenches for 53 days waiting for further orders and suffered 872 casualties from regular artillery fire, although there was no other activity until in May. German commander Ludendorff started an offensive strike that made the closest distance…show more content…
The US Marine Corps had finally gained respect for their very successful assault and became recognized as formidable infantrymen. Marine tactics such as sniping and rifle pits adapted into US tactics. The French renamed Belleau Wood to Bois de la Brigade de Marine in their honor. Surprisingly, German intelligence gave a much complimented report, saying “The 2nd American Division must be considered a very good one, and may perhaps even be reckoned as storm troops. The different attacks on Belleau Wood were carried out with bravery and dash. The moral effect of our gunfire cannot seriously impede the advance of the American riflemen.” Let alone of this aspect, the Battle of Belleau Wood can be considered a turning point of the war for the moral of Europe in general with an American
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