Essay On Framers

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When it comes to war, the Founding Fathers separated the powers delegating war in such a way that over time it has stirred up some problems. Some believe that the President is entitled or deserves all the rights, but others believe that these should be left to be dealt with by Congress. Giving one branch sole powers seems foolish. It is a good thing that the Framers brought this into consideration when writing the constitution. The intent of the Framers was to separate the powers of war and continue their plan of checks and balances. The Congress and the President of the United States have both been given rights when it comes to war. In Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution this is where Congress is given the power to declare war and maintain…show more content…
The President isn’t given the luxury that most Senators or Representatives are given as incumbents to be able to be in office for an unsaid amount of terms. Therefore, a President shouldn’t have to wait and ask permission of Congress in order to embark on military operations. If a person is elected to the Office of President of the United States, then that person obviously is ready to have vast amounts of power bestowed in them. The President shouldn’t need to wait for Congress to vote on a war resolution giving or taking away his ability to command his troops. This is an unneeded process which just wastes valuable time and energy. As in the case of the Tonkin Gulf resolution and Joint Resolution #23, the President had to hold off military action until these resolutions passed. This time could be valuable and much needed. When the Framers first drafted the Constitution, they saw the importance of a checks and balance system. In the early 70’s with the passage of the War Powers Resolution the balance on the topic of war powers between the Congress and the President was straightened out once again. With the passage of Joint Resolution #23, some felt the President was given too much power once again. The battle as to who has more power is ever-changing. This complex and frustrating fact is what makes America such a great place to
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