How To Write An Essay On The Watergate Scandal

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The Watergate Scandal In the Federalist Papers #51, President James Madison argues that separations of power are necessary because “men are not angels”. This separation between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches ensures that no one branch becomes too powerful, but with this separation ultimately problems are bound to occur. Over the history of the United States, many conflicts have arisen between the various branches over conflicting interests, with a notable conflict between the legislative and executive branches being the Watergate Scandal. This conflict, which took place during the Richard Nixon administration, resulted in the first resignation of a United States president in history. The Watergate was an American political scandal which occurred when Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, was running for reelection against his democratic rival, George Stanley McGovern. During the election, the democratic national headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington DC were broken into and bugs were planted, and it was later revealed that the five burglars had ties not only to the government, but to the White House itself. During this investigation, FBI prosecutors discovered that the Director of the FBI, L. Patrick Gray, had helped with the…show more content…
Congress’ intervention and its formation of the Senate Watergate Committee was pivotal in the gathering of evidence in a trial that led to the indictment of forty government officials, and ultimately the resignation of President Richard Nixon. This incident created a deep divide between the Executive and Legislative branches of government, and greatly portrayed the idea of separation of powers, by showing how if one branch of government becomes corrupt or too powerful, in this case the Executive branch, the other branches are able to take appropriate
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