President Truman Strengths And Weaknesses

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“I sit here all day trying to persuade people to do the things they ought to have sense enough to do without my persuading them…that’s all the powers of the President amount to”. President Truman, through this thought, emphasized how presidents tend to make everyone but themselves content. Most people think that if you are the president of the United States you are anything other than the most powerful individual at all times. The President after all is the Chief Executive (having constitutional authority to oversee the execution and implementation of the law), the Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful armed forces and a figure in countless Hollywood movies. However, a deeper analysis shows the fragility of his powerful office.…show more content…
I personally say that strength is not given but earned by what you do to get others to approve your intensions. In other words, strengths and weakness depends on a personal capacity to influence the conduct of those in government. Power seems to be based on how influential or persuasive one can be. However, I also think that no matter how much the President tries to get what he wants during his term, the President will never be the most powerful man in the country. He is always sharing his power due to the checks and balances system. That’s what’s said. But is it true? Do they really share powers or do some abuse their authority? The Senate is so greedy and wants to be the “Boss”. It steps on the President as if he were a bug. The Senate is like his mother who tells him what to do. “Can I invite my friends over…” “No those kids don’t seem to be good”. “But mom...” “Do you attempt to argue with me??” “No ma’am…” He might say something but the Senate has the last word. It will either give consent or…show more content…
The powers of the White House are limited, not just by Constitutional restraints, but by the external restraints which prevent the President from fulfilling all his desires. “The White House staff consists of the key aids the president sees daily (page 404)”. Even within his own Executive Office, the President is dominated by the institution around him. But his biggest challenge is the Senate. Faced with all this various obstacles, there’s no way the President will ever become too powerful and thus pose a threat to democracy. The Madisonian system (separation of powers and checks and balances) is strong enough to check and prevent such tendencies. In my perspective, the President isn’t ‘strong enough’ to stand up to the diverse interests in the United States and that’s because the Senate overpowers him. Also because the process to get things done is extremely long, frustrating and never reasoned by the people. The President is a human being like you and I. He is not a superhero who can get things done with a blink of an eye. I am not saying the President isn’t a brilliant man because there’s no doubt he is. I am just saying that with the high degree of difficulty and all the new things going on in our modern era, getting things done is very stressful and not only that people assume they are not trying. “When a new president takes

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