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Civil Rights are the rights give to a citizen by the United States government, such as the right to vote, the Civil Rights Movement was when African Americans and other minorities began to protest and fight for these rights, which at the time was only given to white Americans I the believe the Federal Government has the right to integrate the southern Untied States. The states in the south, like Mississippi, did not have the right to ignore the federal law to set by Congress and the Civil Right Act of 1964. Even with the tenth amendment the laws of the federal government over power the rights of the state. The common good of the southern population was interrupted by the racist laws and regulations set by the “Southern Manifesto”. The common good was affected one way by these because the majority population in the south was African American. The fact they could not vote caused a lot of problems, such the voting of local sheriffs and mayors. This caused in abuse of the police force. Dogs and even fire hoses that can remove flesh were turned on any demonstrators fighting for their right. states, “The 1964 Civil Rights Act made racial discrimination in public places, such as theaters, restaurants and hotels, illegal. It also required employers to provide equal employment opportunities. Projects involving federal funds could now be cut off if there was evidence of discriminated based on [color], race or national origin.” But the states like Mississippi ignored…show more content…
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