Law Enforcement Preventable Vehicle Crashes: Case Study

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English 112 17 April 2014 Law Enforcement Preventable Vehicle Crashes Driving is a daily activity that law enforcement officers do that affects the whole community. There are a large percentage of patrol vehicle crashes every year. Patrol vehicle crashes are costly to agencies and create more expenses to taxpayers and their municipalities. Crashes are not always the law enforcement officers’ fault, but a lot of these crashes are. Officers responding to calls, engaging in car chases and driving on routine patrol make them more of a liability while operating a motor vehicle than an average daily commuter. Agencies should inform law enforcement officers to drive more efficiently, safer, eliminate distractions and allow agencies…show more content…
Floyd Woodley, former Police Chief of the Plymouth Police Department explained that he had only been to a pursuit driving class when he was a young police officer in 1980. For the remainder of his career, he never received proper pursuit of defensive training (Woodley). Craft explained that he had been on the Highway Patrol for over twenty years and during his tenure, he had only received driver’s training twice. Craft expressed that the Highway Patrol uses a driving track in Garner, North Carolina that is world class. When Craft was questioned about training he stated “driving is the thing we do the most and train on the least” (Craft). Craft’s frustration is evident as a supervisor and is shared with other agency heads in this…show more content…
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