Erik Peterson Case

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Case Analysis: Erik Peterson CelluComm is one of the biggest telecommunication companies founded by Ric Jenkins that has many subsidiaries spread across the USA. Ric Jenkins, a president of CelluComm, managed to develop a small California-based company into a company worth $200 million, which is now ranked in the top 20 companies in the cellular industry. The Green Mountain Cellular Telephone was one of CelluComm subsidiaries located in Hanover, New Hampshire. The company was relatively new with Erik Peterson appointed as the General Manager of the company. This case describes problems with constructing cellular towers which would cause dysfunction of the company and inability to meet the turn-on deadline. Erik Peterson was not that effective in managing and leading his team which is shown by negative relations among team members and miscommunication was present between him and the rest of the team. There was no mutual trust and there was a lack of motivation among team members. One thing that slowed Erik down was his lack of experience in the cellular industry. Without the knowledge about how specific industry works, it is very hard to manage and lead the team to progress and be successful. To make things even worse, Peterson had to report to Jeff Hardy, who was Director of Budgets and Plans and also had no experience in systems operations. This was the first sign of miscommunication in the company. One of the biggest problems for Erik Peterson was bad communication and lack of expertise from the chief engineer Curt Anderson. Peterson showed decent managerial skills by giving specific instructions on how to improve Curt’s ability to plan and organize. Erik tried to use “Organizing and Staffing” technique which involves creating a better organizational structure of the company. He included couple of techniques like having one-on-one counseling sessions with

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