Orion Shield Project Analysis

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The Orion Shield Project Analysis- Week 2 by: Shanicka Sudler University of Maryland University College AMBA 640 Due Date: Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 The Orion Shield Project: Executive Summary “On the basis of data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, part of the US Department of Commerce, they estimated in 2001 that the US public and private sectors combined spend some $2.3trn on projects every year, an amount equivalent to a quarter of America's GDP” (Wheatley, 2015). Now that we know that, we can fully understand how important project management is not just for small businesses but for the world. There are many variables that works together to make a project successful. Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) recently…show more content…
We have already acknowledged that Mr. Allison was not very well suited for the job. There were other issues that include technical, ethical, legal, contractual and other project management related issues. Technical Issue: The technical issue is simple, the project simply did not test well. STI simply required all components to operate effectively and efficiently between temperature ranges of -65 degrees F to 145 degrees F (The Orion Shield Project, 2003). SEC failed at this due to the fact that their product will not operate above 130 degrees F, and that the requirements would not be able to be met without different materials (The Orion Shield Project, 2003). Due to this issue alone, it caused problems with the project, delaying the timeline for completion, increased the amount of resources used and not committing to the stakeholders. Not only did they fail to meet the temperature standard, they also failed to meet the life span expectation. Mr. Allison is responsible for overcoming these technical objectives as project manager of The Orion Shield Project. Ethical Issue: Before even beginning the project, Mr. Allison couldn’t keep his commitment in regards to meeting the temperature requirement. Mr. Allison was dishonest and to make matters worse he failed to voice his concerns. It was apparent that Gary was not truly on board with the project plans from the beginning and lack confidence to get the job done. Everyone on the team also did not communicate these issues with the client or stakeholders of the organization. Legal and Contractual Issues: SEC is guilty of legal and contractual issues in regards to the Orion Shield Project. It is evident that SEC failed to meet contractual obligations. There were no weekly briefing meetings that included updates and progress of the project to the customer. No one on the team felt it was important to address the customers concerns either by phone of email.

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