Environmental Benefits of Raw Food Essay

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There are several benefits for our environment when we choose to eat raw. The raw food diet is basically a vegan diet (containing no animal products), meaning that you will no longer be taking part in killing billions (59 billion animals were killed in 2009 )of animals each year to feed the nation's meat-hungry lifestyle. The thing is, these billions of animals are not allowed to live a happy, comfortable life. They are forced into a cage that is too small, never allowed the light of day, these animals are living lives filled with cruelty until they reach their death. Several animals go crazy and many die prematurely due to their living conditions. Another issue that is caused from the over consumption of animal products is the worldwide disaster of deforestation. In 6 years alone Brazil lost an area of forest as large as Greece, and anywhere from 60 to 70% of this is due directly to cattle ranching. It has been estimated that the world’s forests could vanish in the next hundred years if all continues at the same pace."hidden elements" in preprepared foods such as preservatives, colorings and of course things like palm oil which is a major source of deforestation. Eating raw also means you make less trash to pollute the environment with. When you eat raw you will barely make any trash because your waste becomes peels, pulp from juices, and the ends of vegetables, which all can be composted. If everyone was to go raw and begin to compost our environment would benefit in several ways. Choose organic. Choosing organic foods will provide you with health benefits and also there are environmental benefits. Organic farmers do not use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides on their crops. This puts less strain on our environment and on our bodies. Instead organic farmers focus their attention on producing the healthiest soil possible to create the healthiest

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