Eng 102 Developing a Thesis Statement

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Developing a Thesis Statement ENG/102 Developing a Thesis Statement Many people are convinced that their child’s autism was caused by immunizations, although there is no real evidence that supports this theory. This belief has led to a dangerous trend that has been driven by false data, and the media. Unfortunately this has led to outbreaks in preventable diseases and poses a danger to others. Refusing to immunize not only causes a health risk for the child that is not vaccinated, but to the rest of the community as well, particularly very young children who have yet to be immunized, and the elderly. Immunizations are not the cause of rising cases of autism, and in fact, not immunizing has caused outbreaks of certain other diseases. My arguments to support my statement are as follows: There are numerous studies that have shown that there is no link between immunizations and autism. Medical specialists have spent countless hours researching the claims that Thimerisol in vaccines was a leading cause in the growth rate of Autism. There is no substantiation of a definite connection between autism and vaccines This year, more than 300 people have been diagnosed with measles, five times more than what was declared throughout the last eruption in 1994. Measles is not the only disease that's shown up in recent years as a result of people choosing not to be vaccinated. In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established almost 50,000 cases of whooping cough across the country, this is the largest outbreak in since 1955. Counter arguments will include: Herd immunity, or indirect protection says that the risk of infection among susceptible individuals in a population is reduced by the presence and proximity of immune individuals. (Fine, Eames, & Heymann, 2011) In 1998, researcher Andrew Wakefield published a study

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