Emotional Intelligence Paper

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Emotional Intelligence Paper Lori Cannella PSY/301 March 12, 2012 Patricia Robinson Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in our lives because it helps us develop better relationships. The five classifications of emotional intelligence are: emotional self- awareness, emotional self-control and management, empathy, self-motivation and the ability to manage relationships with others. The five domains are all critical because they make up who we are and we have the ability to send what we have learned to others. With these qualities of emotional intelligence, they are a foundation of being a critical thinking. “Emotion refers to a feeling state (including physiological responses and cognitions) that conveys information about relationships. For example, happiness is a feeling state that also conveys information about relationships -- typically, that one would like to join with others. Similarly, fear is a feeling state that corresponds to a relationship -- the urge to flee others” (Mayer). Examples of Cognitive Intelligence are: perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions All of these are important because they are in our part of the neocortex, helps with vision, hearing, touch, and the sense of balance, movement and emotional responses (Teachology,2010). Both Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Intelligence go hand-in-hand with each other and without these a person cannot be successful in both areas. A person must understand the difference thinking versus feeling in order for them to fully understand intelligence. Both thinking and
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