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Embracing The Wonders Of Virtual Reality Essay

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Hannah Rabbit
Professor Mitchell
English 103
28 September 2011
Embracing the Wonders of Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is the future. Virtual reality is a synthetic environment that is generated by software, composed of millions of different formulas, in order to project the user into an entirely different dimension where anything the mind can imagine can become reality, virtual reality that is. Virtual reality allows users to create a world or belief and then live it out as if it were a real environment. Virtual reality, for the most part, is experienced through sight and sound, although senses such as feeling movement and experiencing olfactory bliss can be achieved with the aid of an elaborate set up connected to a computer. Soon virtual reality will be in widespread use. It will allow one to enter a world as unlimited as the imagination itself. Some fear that virtual reality will be the downfall of society and human virtue, but the revolution of virtual reality will unlock human potential, prepare people for real world work, and will prove to provide many other positive services. As life moves toward the future virtual reality will progressively become an important aspect in people’s public and private lives.
A major flaw about virtual reality becoming so widespread is the fear that we will forget what reality truly is once entranced by a world created by fantasy. On the other hand, virtual reality can connect people and help us to be more involved with others having embraced new means of genial interaction. Frank Biocca, PhD. In communication psychology, professor of communications, television, and computer science, along with Taeyon Kim, a graphic scientist, both from the University of North Carolina and Mark Levy, creator of a company specializing in computer graphics, from University of Maryland ask in their book titled The Vision of Virtual Reality, “What is communication in the age of virtual reality” (Biocca 4)? In their book, Biocca, Kim, and...

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