It104 Unit 1

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IT104 Pre Lab: Use the Prebuilt Virtual Machine for This Course These instructions describe how to use the VMware Player to launch the preinstalled virtual machine for the labs in this course: 1. Copy the preinstalled virtual machine on to your USB external pocket hard drive. a. Create a folder on your USB portable hard drive to store all the virtual machines used for the curriculum. You may name the folder something like “Virtual Machines for My Courses”, and create subfolders in it by the course number. b. Browse to the “C:\Virtual Machines” folder on the lab computer, identify the folder for the virtual machine named ITT-Lab. Copy the entire folder of ITT-Lab to the folder you created for storing the virtual machine for this course (IT104). c. After the copying is complete, validate the two folders are identical using the Properties menu of the folder (by right-clciking on the folder and selecting Properties). The Properties will show the number of folders and files, etc. 2. Launch the virtual machine in VMware Player. a. From the Start button on your desktop, launch VMWare Player as shown below. b. Click the “Open a Virtual Machine” link. c. Browse to the folder where you copied the ITT-Lab virtual machine on your USB harddrive and double-cllick on ITT-Lab.vmx to select it as the virtual machine to open. 3. Once the ITT-Lab virtual machine is ready on the left column, highlight the “ITT-Lab” icon and pull down the “Virtual Machine Settings” menu by clicking the down arrow by Virtual Machine on the top menu bar. 4. Select Hostonly for the network adaptor and click the OK button to return to the Home Screen. 5. Double-click on ITT-Lab on the left side of the VMware Plater home screen to open the virtual machine. Window XP will start booting. It might take a few minutes before the

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