Jurassic Park Themes

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Themes exist in every novel. Some themes may be easy to see and easy to relate to; at other times, themes may be hidden within the writing and may require some deeper thinking to truly understand them. Nevertheless, all novels contain themes. These themes can give the reader insight into the true nature of the world that they are living in. The novels Jurassic Park and The Killer Angels gave me a whole new insight on modern age technology, and almost completely changed my view on it. One of the prevalent themes in the novel Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton is the potential danger of technology. In his novel, a man named John Hammond invests millions of dollars in a project to clone dinosaurs and creates Jurassic Park. However, Hammond wants to run the park with minimal staff to save money…show more content…
Jurassic Park views technological improvement as potentially dangerous, while The Killer Angels portrays that technological advances can help a great deal. Although the technology in both novels are different, both advance in their own ways. The advance of warfare technology in The Killer Angels helps the Union Army defeat the Confederate Army, a good thing for them. On the other hand, the advance of scientific technology in Jurassic Park ultimately fails and brings doom to everyone in the park. These conflicting views on technological advances in these novels can be related to the modern age that we live in today. Yes, there are numerous benefits to technology, but we humans cannot allow ourselves to become dependent on technology. The benefits are related to The Killer Angels: technological advances have helped make our lives much easier. For example, with the internet, we no longer have to painstakingly research information from books. The dangerous prospect of humans becoming too dependent on technology is seen in Jurassic Park. The entire world would fall into chaos if all electronic devices suddenly
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