Elvis Informative Speech

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Elvis Aron Presley was the greatest culture changing artist of the Rock-and-Roll revolution. The legend was born January 8, 1935 along with twin brother, Jesse Presley. Jesse was lifeless before birth, making baby brother Elvis very cherished. Elvis had talent; at the age of 17 he made Rock-and-Roll history; changing blues and country songs into upbeat versions. Just two years later in 1956, Elvis’s first of eighteen number one hits “Heartbreak Hotel”, held the number one spot for eight weeks. In 1951, Elvis joins ROTC and in 1957 is drafted into the Army. Elvis was trained and shipped to Germany meeting his future wife, Priscilla. On December 21, 1970, Elvis met with President Nixon and presented him with a gift. Elvis met with Nixon to ask if he could appoint Elvis as a Federal Agent at Large, to…show more content…
You were a great aspiration to many young artists of that era. I can also tell that you put great enthusiasm into any job or activity that was put upon your plate. Was it hard for you to go into the Army knowing that you might be killed in combat? How did your Army experience change and shape your music when you got back to America? How many movies did you complete before you left for the Army, and after you got back? How did your new wife feel about all the achievements you had made so far? When you met President Nixon, Why would you present him with a Colt 45? If someone gave me a gun I would either think they were violent or they thought that I would use it for protection. You gave it to a President; I am sure he had a lot of protection. I understand that you wanted to help with the drug effects in America. What made you think that people would listen to you even though you yourself did drugs? It is hard for someone to tell others to abstain from drugs if they themselves to the drugs. That is called a contradiction. Did President Nixon ever confirm that you were a Federal Agent at
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