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Elvis Presley Elvis Arron Presley was born 1935 and so was his brother. Jessie Garon Presley was the twin brother of Elvis which sadly he died at birth (Watson 14.) Elvis was very poor has a child and so was his whole family (Watson 12.)But In 1954 is when he started his music career with sun records and the fame began (“Elvis.”) In 1957 Elvis found his love priscilla and married her, and lived in graceland in his mansion (Watson 72.) To truly understand Elvis Presley, ONe must understand His early, middle and later life. To truly understand Elvis Presley, one must understand his early life. Elvis Arron Presley was born in tupelo,mississippi on January 8th,1935 (“Elvis”.) Some people may not know but, Elvis had a twin brother that had died…show more content…
It started in 1953 when Elvis graduated from high school (Watson 20.) That year he recorded a song at Sun records for $4 (Petersen.) Ever since that time period he got busy, In 1954 sam phillips (“Elvis.”) When he started recording there that's where the fame began, everyone loved his music (Watson 29.) Before all this happened he loved music but he also wanted to be a electrician but he just loved music to much (Watson 21.) By 1954 Elvis had 600 orders for his music (Watson 29.) He began to be on 200 radio stations in 13 states (Watson 32.) In 1955 Elvis got a real manager named Neal (Watson 34.) 1 year later he recorded his first session with Neal, and then he was the #1 billboard for 8 weeks (Watson 39,40) He sold 10 million copies then headed to hollywood (Watson 48,50.) Everything in his life was going great so he decided he would join the army in 1958 (“Elvis.”) Elvis served in germany for 2 years and six months in texas (“Elvis.”) In germany Elvis started a relationship that lasted (“Elvis.”)Elvis has 40 gold records, He became the KING OF ROCK AND ROLL! (Peterson) Now we get to the serious…show more content…
IT all started when Elvis fell in love with priscilla (Watson 64.) In 1957 The happy couple got married, and 1 year later they had a baby girl named lisa marie (Watson 72,73.) One year later Elvis got back into business with singing (Watson 80.) sadly after that the happy couple was no longer happy, In 1973 they got divorced (Petersen) After that happen things weren't going so well. That year Elvis had overdosed and got put in the hospital, thought Elvis did not die (Watson 84.) in 1977 Elvis had a heart attack in the bathroom of his mansion, He was quickly rushed to the hospital where they announced him dead at 2:30 pm (Watson 90, “Elvis.”) Elvis had died at the age of 42 because of the drugs that were in his life (“Elvis.”) To this day he is still a big music star, He is still the king of rock and roll (“Elvis.”) He is still valued more than ever since his death that many people still believe he is still alive and living in the upstairs of his house (Petersen, Watson 92.) August 16, 1977 is the day the KIng of rock and roll died

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