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Vickie Pleake Professor Spencer English 121 18 June 2013 Elvis Presley’s Career Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8, 1935 in his parents’ home. He was a twin at birth but his brother Jessie Garen, was stillborn. The home Elvis was born in was built by his father, Vernon, for $180.00. Elvis came from humble beginnings, he grew up in poverty. While growing up and through his adult life Elvis was close to his mother, Gladys. His first musical inspiration was from church, he loved gospel music. He received his first guitar for his twelfth birthday, his uncles and pastor from his church taught him to play over the next year. Elvis Presley’s success started…show more content…
Part of Elvis’s charm was the hair style, the way he greased it, and it was dark and thick. His eyes sparkled when he was on stage or when he looked into the cameras. Elvis dressed so flashy with his suits covered in sequins. The women went crazy when he walked on the stage, they screamed so loud the performers could not hear themselves. The women and girls loved him, but the men hated him, they were jealous of him. His career was really taking off, nothing he could have ever…show more content…
He grew up in poverty where his family depended on the stated and federal government, friends, and family to get by. Elvis was one of the greatest sex symbols of his time. The women loved him and the men hated him. Elvis was a great artist, singer, actor, writer, and performer. He was shy man that was a loner while growing up. He failed music in junior high school, yet became the King of Rock and Roll. He made millions of dollars in acting and record sales. Elvis continues to have numerous fans to this day. He will continue to be missed by his family, friends, and fans. To this day Elvis Presley remains the King of Rock and

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