Arguments On Gun Control Essay

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Arguments on Gun Control A lot of people feel that some forms of gun laws are needed to lower the level of gun related violence and crimes in the US. The opponents of gun control feel that it would be an infringement on their second amendment rights. The outcome of gun control has strong political implications because it determines the present day meaning of the Second Amendment. Each side has strong points to their arguments but I feel it should be the right of every person to make their mind up for their self. In the1800s the supreme court made the decision that the “right of bearing arms for a lawful purpose is not a right granted by the Constitution” followed up with a decision that states are “free to regulate the rights of citizens to bear arms”. In the 1930’s president Roosevelt tried to pass legislation on gun regulations, but they were defeated in congress. Calls for gun control have usually followed major and highly publicized crimes and attacks involving guns, such as the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. in the 1960’s. Also, the attempt on President Reagan, as well as the recent string of shootings in American schools. Following the assassinations, the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed, with its central aim being a national standard on how and to whom guns were sold. This was added on to in 1994 with the Brady Act, which required gun dealers to run background checks on gun buyers before selling them to the buyers. While there are some gun regulations currently in affect in the United States, pro gun control advocates still want more, while anti gun control advocates strongly oppose them. Along with a number of other things, the two opposing views are backed by different interpretations of the Second Amendment. The Amendment reads, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep

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