El Miedo Research Paper

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Island “El Miedo” is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It’s an all in one deal! The island includes everything from raging in anger Cyclops, inspiring mermaids, to the unique unicorns, a scorching dessert, swamplands filled with tame less crocodiles, and the view of the world’s most famous, Chili Bob Volcano. The amazing island was found by Elf settlers in 1492, lead by Captain Huggy Face. Captain Huggy Face sailed the rainbow ocean waters in search of a perfect paradise for his people to visit, none the less he found an island at fifteen degrees West and ninety degrees South, right in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. The island seemed to be rich in fruit trees and fish in the coral reef. The fruit trees weren’t ordinary though because with just one bite one would have a new talent for a certain amount of time and each tree has a…show more content…
By mid afternoon Huggy Face and his sailors figured out that the calmness of the beaches, sun kissed sand, and blissful wind compound was perfect for fishing, swimming and surfing. In order to know for sure that it was what he was looking for Captain Huggy Face decided to stay around and explore the outskirts of the island. Two days passed and they discovered that the island had a gold treasure! Now with this finding he came back every day to see if it’d be replenished again and so one day it was filled up again. After several weeks Huggy Face saw the adversity of creatures that lived there, which was a total bonus on his behalf; he knew it’d become more than a want but a wish to be there for every traveler in the world. Though Captain Huggy Face and his crew were aware of the sunny, windy and slight rain fall of the island, they knew that this was what they’d been searching for all those years. Now it was finally time to call it their own! Due to the adversity and frightful characteristics of the island they gave the island the name of “El Miedo”, meaning “Fear Island” in Spanish. In their eyes it was just the perfect vacation
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