Personal Essay: The Guadalupe River

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ENGL 1311 16 September 2013 “The River” It was a hot day to be on the Guadalupe River for Memorial Day weekend. My family and I loaded up the truck, filled the cooler with cold drinks, packed our swim suits, and headed out. The water seemed warm, you could smell the burgers on the grill, kids were playing and the sun was blazing. You can say it was a perfect time to be out with the family enjoying each other’s company. The river is about 230 mi long. The upper river, in the Texas Hill, is a smaller, faster stream with limestone banks and shaded by Pecan and bald Cypress trees. The upper Guadalupe is a popular as a tubing destination where recreational users float down the river on inflated tire inner tubes during the Spring and Summer months. It is popular destination for whitewater rafters, canoeists,…show more content…
It was my first time so I was nervous. I didn’t think you would find much in the river cause it a river. Usually you see people on TV scuba diving in an ocean, like on the beaches in Hawaii or anywhere in general. The instructor who was showing us how to scuba told us, since thousands of people from all over come to the river a lot of valuable items are dropped by tubers every day. We put our scuba gear on, and begin the hunt to the river’s floor, to pick up left behind treasures. The water was a bit muggy underneath, all you see was dirt on the ground, tubers hands and legs just floating around, coins laying, a few broken watches, and a bunch of trash. We actually didn’t find treasure, but the experience was fun. I took advantage of everything that I got to do that day. Swimming in the water, sunbathing, eating juicy burgers straight from the grill, tubing down the river, scuba diving to find lost treasure, and enjoying the beautiful scenery the river offers. I didn’t want to leave that day. I wish I could go down every day to repeat things. But I knew I would be back

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