A View from the Bridge Summary

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A view from the bridge One day, the author was walking on a bridge. As he neared the crest, he saw a kid. The little boy was a lumpy little guy with baggy shorts. Covering his eyes and part of his face was a pair of those stupid-looking 50s-style wrap-around sunglasses. He asked the author for help because he could not find his shrimp for fishing. The author saw the shrimp and pointed it to the kid. Then he went back to the bridge. After a while, the kid let out a “Hey! Hey!” and the prettiest tarpon the author had ever seen came almost six feet out of the water. That big fish struggled and the kid’s left hand held the crank while the extended fingers felt for the drag settings. The author shouted the kid to leave the drag alone. After a moment, the author saw the flash of silver as the fish turned. The kid cranked like mad and finally the fish came to surface and began a low circle in the middle of the canal. They pulled the fish out in the seawall. The boy asked the author how was that fish. At first, the author felt puzzled by his question. The fish was over there and the boy asked him what was that look like. It was so strange. He told the kid to look down by himself. But then he looked up into this stupid-looking sunglasses and it hit him. The boy was blind. The boy asked the author again. Then the author depicted the appearance of that fish clearly. The kid asked the author to get the fish of the hook. Finally they

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