Jindabyne Character Analysis

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The landscape around us influences who we are and who we become. It not only influences us as individuals but also as communities. You only have to look at your own life to see the proof of this. We as students take influences from school and home, we can take the frustrations from school home or vice versa. There are also many other examples in film, television and books. Jindabyne (an Australian film) is one of these examples with many characters and scenes showing just how much the landscape around us can affect how we behave. Claire and Stewart are all such prominent characters but would they have acted differently in another landscape? Claire is a lot like the landscape that she lives in. Jindabyne is a small town up near the snowy…show more content…
Jindabyne to Stewart is where he lives and works. Yet he once lived in the limelight, a racing driver who was famous and loved by all, he is now older and hidden in the shadows, his racing almost forgotten by all but a few. When Stewart, Carl, Rocco and Billy go on the annual fishing trip, they travel to an isolated area for a boy’s weekend. Surrounded by nothing but raw nature, with no worries or hassles to think about, has an immediate relaxing effect on the men, but when a body is found they are plunged into a major dilemma of what to do. Stewart wakes the morning after and instead of worrying, he goes fishing and the others soon join in, it isn’t until the next day that they head back and report the body. The surroundings influenced Stewart getting him to not worry or stress about the pressures he would normal feel back in Jindabyne. Jindabyne is a town of beauty, the glasslike lake, the vast, expansive plains and the lush, shadowy forests surrounding it. But just like Claire and Stewart we take in so much from our environment that influences how we behave and how we feel. Just think, if you went to a different school or dropped out of school all together you would be a different

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