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Once More To The Lake Essay

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  • on October 28, 2010
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"Once More to The Lake"
In E.B. White's, "Once More To The Lake" he writes about a father that takes his son to a lake in Maine as a vacation spot. The

story tells about the father and how he used to stay at the lake with his family for a month, as a young boy. As the father takes

his son to the lake he sees certain things, areas, that he remembers seeing as a young boy, and being there made him feel like he

was a young boy again, seeing as not much had changed at the lake over the years. Throughout the story the father has a lot of

flashbacks, and his memory's come to life within his son. As he see's his son exploring the fun activities to do on and around

the lake, he cant help but see a spiting image of himself as a young boy. E.B. White shows "limitations imposed by time" in the

story by the father seeing his young son doing the things he too once did such things before, he cannot do them again

because of time. The father has grown be a man, he can no longer jump around and act like a kid again in the lake, for he has

lost his young innocence that all children bare. Time has gone by, even though the lake remains the same, the father as well as

the rest of the familar faces has changed. I believe Mr. White's position on this idea is that he is trying to have readers

understand that no matter where or what we have done as kids in life we all have to grow up. He shows us that locations we

have gone to as kids will be there for years to come, maybe forever. But they will forever be a memory, as for us, we are not

forever, we will not be around for years to come, we all will change, grow old and wise. And there will be times when we may go

passed a place or location where we went as kids, and we will remember the fun times, and the moments of pure innocence as a

child. But because of "limitations imposed by time" we can never go back to playing on that swing, or hide and go sneak in the

backyard, or play...

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