Holes Essay

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Holes My essay is Holes by Louis Sachar, they dig holes in the desert. The main theme of the book is friendship and coincidence. A boy called Stanley who is sent to Camp Green lake a crime he didn’t even commit, in this essay I will show you how Stanley’s life changes. At the start of this novel Stanley is on his way to Camp Green Lake. He has been accused of stealing trainers off Clyde Livingston, but he didn’t do it. At the camp he meets up with other boys called magnet, armpit, x-ray, zero, zigzag and squid. He had never had friends before so it was a shock to him. At the end of the film him and zero run away from the campo and climb up the mountain. At the start of the novel Stanley is fat and has no friends, however when he goes to the Camp Green lake he gets friends, and he also digs lots of holes. He met boys called magnet, armpit, x-ray, zero, zigzag and squid. Stanley was getting bullied and had no friends at his school, so he was not a very happy person. Then when he goes to Camp Green Lake he makes friends, gets really healthy and strong and is enjoying his life at camp. But at the start he got bullied and he was scared to join in with some of the boys. Coincidence and parallel incidents are used in the story to make it seem that the course is controlling everything. Stanley is able to break the family curse because he carry’s zero up the mountain and drank the water from the hole he dug and sang the song. Another coincidence is that Stanley drops the spade back down the mountain and has to waste time by going down to get it. In this story Stanley had behaved really well. He got caught stealing shoes from a homeless shelter but it wasn’t but it wasn’t Stanley it was zero. Stanley really fat but as the story goes on he gets much thinner and much stronger. He had to dig holes everyday at Camp Green Lake. Everyday after digging holes he
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