Stanley's Big Mistake

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The story takes place at camp green lake what once was the largest in Texas. Now it is just a dry, flat wasteland. So far in the story they have been talking about Stanley great great grand farther and how he cursed the yelnats. Stanley been digging holes everyday at camp green lake and it seems to be getting harder ever hole. After Stanley first hole he nearly got in a fright then he got the nickname caveman. Near the end of part one Stanley took the blame for what magnet did. Stanley started to teach zero to read and write and zero started to help Stanley with his hole so Stanley would have more energy to teach him. The other boys didn’t like what they were doing. Were I am in the story is that zero hit mom and ran away two days later…show more content…
While later zero came back with a box of cereal and 2 bottles of orange juice. Stanley and zero were digging then Stanley hit something hard. Stanley dug around it and pulled it out it was a chest. Zero and Stanley saw lights then they flash on them it was Mr. Sir the warden and mom all three of them were shocked because there is a family of yellow spotted lizards. It want be long till they die. The sun started to came up the warden said to mom tell the boys that if they keep their mouth shut they get the day of. The warden saw a car coming it was Stanley lawyer. Stanley lawyer got there and was shock she said if anything happens to him you would of wish u weren’t here. Stanley and zero got out of the hole the warden tried to grap the chest but zero pulled away and said its Stanley. It had Stanley yelnats in big black letters so Stanley was allowed to take it home Stanley said that he’s only going if zero gets to come it took a while but the lawyer said yes Stanley got home and open the chest it was full of money and things worth a lot of money Stanley father invented how to stop foot oder. Stanley family and zero split the money. Zero finds his mum

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