Analysis Of A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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A Separate Peace is a novel created by John Knowles. The book relates on an academy Knowles attended as a young man. The book is based on two young boys, who are taking the summer session. Both boys, Phineas and Gene, are not only roommates, but also best friends. What happens during that summer session is really significant, and something both Phineas and Gene will never forget. The most considerable things, though, are not only the characters, Finny and Gene, but the conflicts Gene goes threw before, during, and after a terrible accident happens during the summer session. It all started the summer of 1942, during Devon School's summer session with Gene and Phineas. Both Gene and Finny have nothing in common. They are the complete opposites in not only their physical appearance, but also on their emotional and mental attitude. How they act, their…show more content…
While students were talking about the fall, Finny was at home trying to recover. Before returning to Devon for the winter semester, Gene decides to stop at Finny’s house. Gene decides to tell Finny the truth about the accident, because the truth was haunting Gene. Finny does not accept the fact, and tells Gene that he is crazy. So Gene is left with no other solution, but to forget about the accident. When Gene finally came back to the academy he decided to be an assistant senior crew manager, because he felt guilt and decided not to play sports. The usual crew managers are often kids with disabilities. So, when Quakenbush made fun of Gene, and he believed that his ignorance over those summers’ events was somehow insulting to Finny. So, Gene decided to take matter into his own hands and got into a physical confrontation with Quakenbush, for that moment he was Finny‘s protector. After the physical encounter, Gene had an encounter with a classmate named Brinker, but less serious. Brinker jokingly accused that it was Gene’s fault Finny fell off
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