Hatchet, Holes, Shiloh And The Giver

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Review of a Newbery Award When starting this project I began by thinking of which books I read as child that I still remember and those that made a lasting impact. After remembering a few of those books, Hatchet, Holes, Shiloh and The Giver I was initially surprised at how many of them had won Newbery Medals and Honors. However, the reason I probably read those books instead of others is because they were deserved winners of this award. However the one book that stood out for me was Holes by Louis Sachar. It was the lasting image of Stanley, the main character, standing in a five feet wide and five feet deep hole that he spent all day digging, that I remember most vividly and is why I wanted to write review this Newbery book. I first read this book sometime around third grade when this book was published in late 1998. The book won…show more content…
Stanley and his family are constantly unlucky because of a curse that was placed on his great great grandfather. Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. He eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for a buried fortune. Stanley befriends many of the other juvenile delinquents as they struggle to deal with life at the camp. One day while digging Stanley finds a lipstick tube with the initials KB on them, we previously found out the history of the site and know realize what the warden is searching for. Stanley’s friend Zero runs away from the camp and Stanley follows to help his friend survive. After surviving a week away from the camp they return to uncover a suitcase, in the same hole as the lipstick tube, which contains many valuables that belonged to Stanley’s great grandfather. Stanley is proved innocent in his crime and is allowed to leave the camp with the suitcase and the family curse is

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