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Clark’s Background and History – Clark Little is a surfer photographer who capture inspirational & powerful images of the waves coming on shore from the ocean. Clark Little currently lives in Hawaii and captures stunning images of waves from the barrel, inside out. Born in Napa, California in 1968 to a photographer father, the family moved to the North Shore. Prior to becoming a professional photographer in 2006, Clark Little worked at Wahiawa Botanical Garden as a supervisor overseeing 17 acres native and tropical plants. His career path changed when his wife wanted a photograph for their house of some local water. Putting his knowledge of the ocean and his love for surfing to good use, Clark Little traded in his surf board for a camera and began documenting waves in such a spectacular manner as to draw attention world wide. It was Clark's appearance on Good Morning America…show more content…
Clark’s photos draws the viewer in even if they never had an interest in surfing they can still see the beauty in Clark’s photos. I can tell that he loves what he does. Clark is so successful because he captures a perspective on Mother Nature that the average person rarely sees—a viewpoint from within the tube of a wave that is at once fascinating, fleeting and inspirational. Clark is ambitious and passionate about what he does, Clark says. “I go for the full 110 percent. I’m in, and I’m not afraid to get into the big shore breaks to get looks where a lot of photographers don’t want to put themselves.”Clark also attributes his success to his 30-plus years of experience surfing the shore breaks. “It’s like my second home. It’s my comfort zone where most people are not as interested,” he says. “Clark t’s uses all his experiences of surfing the shore break to get that right angle, the right look for every

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