How Does Rdquo Change In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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“THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO” Throughout the plot of every story, any story actually, characters revolutionize. The change is what makes the story good or bad. In the “Count of Monte Cristo”, Edmund Dante’s is betrayed by his fellow shipmates and his supposed best friend and is put in prison for 13-years. To adapt to this change in his life, he has to change. In the beginning of the story he seemed happy and confident. He seemed like he didn’t need anything else in the world to make him happier than he already was. He had his lovely wife, he had just been made captain of the ship he boards, and he had faith. As the story moves on and Fernand and Danglars betray him, he still doesn’t go through a deep change. His first deep change occurs after he has been in prison for an unknown amount of time and constantly carved and recarved “God will give me justice” into the wall. As…show more content…
In a dictionary, potential means “the ability to become complete”. When the story comes to a close Edmund appears completely happy. He got his wife Mercedes back, he was rich because he found the treasure, he got to meet his kid, Albert, that he had never met before, he made a new best friend in Jacabo, and he was able to gain revenge on all of the people who tried to tear his life apart without getting caught. By the time the story ended and he stood at the edge of the cliff over Chateau D’If and he talks about God has given him everything clearly means he had gained his faith back. Then, most importantly, he said he was only going to use everything he had received for the good of the world which is what, based off his personality, is what he would’ve done had to had it all at the beginning of the

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