Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

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Effects of Quality Management on Domestic & Global Competition Paper: Individual Assignment By: LaToya Dennis June 10, 2012 Instructor: Norbert Karczewski, JR MGT/ 449 Domestic & Global 1 Introduction Quality management is highly important in a company. In order for the company to achieve goals set for growth and longtivity. Great quality management in a company will increase their customer satisfaction. In every business their goal is to generate the highest quality product or service for its customers. I will be discussing the effects of quality management on domestic and global competition. In addition, I will compare and contrast quality management with a domestic and global companies. I will be using Chrysler as the domestic market and Toyota as the global market. Article from Library: Global Competition U.S. Industry’s Hidden Advantages The article is about how the U.S. industry is losing the battle for domestic and international markets. According to Cantwell, M.N. Industry Week (Oct. 7, 1991), “The competitiveness of U.S. industry doing business in a global marketplace can also be greatly enhanced by better exploiting another hidden but critical advantage: America’s ethnic diversity and its global culture. The primary responsibility for improving global competitiveness, lies with U.S. industry, including owners, investors, managers, and workers”. (Global competition: U.S. industry’s hidden advantages). Each individual economic survival and standard of living is at stake. Domestic & Global 2 A Procedure That Is Similar Between The Organizations A procedure that is similar between both Chrysler and Toyota is that they care about their consumer’s safety in their vehicles. This for getting in the car to go downtown, to go on a trip in many different types of weather. Our domestic market, Chrysler uses a two fold safety/

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