Target's Supply Chain

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Target’s Supply Chain Unit 2 Assignment Boyd Clifford Adams GB570 Managing the Value Chain Professor Craddock Kaplan University February 07, 2013 Target’s Supply Chain In 1962, the Target Organization was established by George Dayton, who categories the organization as a concession retailer within the township of Roseville, Minnesota. A decade later, after the organization established its footing in the industry, the small subsidiary developed into the biggest division in The Dayton Corporation. The company advanced from a single discount store to earning its successes over the years from leased superstore practices and discount vending. In addition to general retailing, the organization continued to expand in an increasing rate based on sales and this is even when the focus was on overall merchandising. Target Corporation had announced their financial revenues to be estimated at $69.9 billion by the end of January 2012 (TGT Annual Income Statement 2012). As the organization strived to reach organizational benchmarks, Target supply chain played a significant role in providing all of the organization success. Overview of Target’s Supply Chain As one of the top leading retailers in the nation, Target has created a way too easily respond to the overall demands of the customers by proficiently refining the organization logistics of the supply chain. Some of the ways the organization chooses to become more effective is by enhancing shipment and transportation costs to create leverage on operations. By doing this process, this provides more value to the transportation networks. These are just a few active solutions that Target managed to expand and continue to monitor and evaluate in depth. Being a hands on organization, each opportunity that Target recognized were pursued to bring and empower the supply chain by refining the
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