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Brandon Corris English 60 M. Shahisaman Feb. 7th, 2012 Legal Drinking Age – Argumentative Essay Ever encountered a belligerent drunk that was not of age? Every day more and more underage kids are using, or abusing alcohol. Furthermore, the drinking age should not be lowered to eighteen because less teens will be motivated in taking on the new found responsibilities of a young adult, fatal accidents will surely be increased, and younger and younger kids will be involved in crime. First off, eighteen year olds do not have enough experience with driving or alcohol to be operating anything while under the influence, let alone a motor vehicle. More so, a teenagers body is not matured enough mentally, nor physically, to execute decisions that hold another person’s life, or freedom at stake. In greater depth, if eighteen year olds could buy alcohol, they would be driving their underage friends around at wee hours of the night. Thus, risking them curfew tickets, possibly even letting an unlicensed, underage driver, be enabled to drive his friends around and put them at a greater risk, just because the designated driver was too intoxicated. Lastly, if some grown-ups cannot even drive, or function under the influence, how could a teenager manage? Secondly, teenagers at the age of eighteen have a lot of unfamiliar responsibility coming their…show more content…
Leaving the drinking age at twenty-one will not necessarily stop underage drinking, but will definitely continue to disable many underage drinkers from drinking more. Finally, if teenagers being more prone to being seriously hurt, dropping out and/or going to jail, or even just hurting his/her athletic or academic potential is a good thing, then do not be one for lowering the drinking age to twenty

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