Teen Driving Essay

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The debate about the legal driving age has always been a large topic. The debate has been argued for many years but there have not been any changes of the age. Teen drivers are the leading cause of automobile accidents, and there are many statistics which prove this. If the legal driving age was increased to 18 then there would be a large decrease in deaths and accidents. I believe the typical 16 year old doesn’t have the maturity level that is needed to be behind the wheel of a car unsupervised. The amount of deaths that are caused by teenage drivers are very high, and are still increasing because no changes have been made. There are about 15 deaths per day from car accidents between the ages of 15-20.( Teen Driving). Teens also account for 14% of all driving fatalities that occur. (Teen Driving). As a teenager I don’t even feel responsible enough to be behind a wheel of a car unsupervised. Teens are taking a lot of chances with having this large responsibility. I believe having cars in high school is very pointless. For the most part students would only need to drive to school, and then back home, and that’s why schools provide bus transportation. So what’s the need for students to drive to school? “300,000 motor vehicle crashes result in injuries for the age group 15-18 per year”. The amount of lives that can be saved by raising the driving age to 18 would be very large. Teens are just not responsible enough to have this responsibility. “ There is evidence to suggest that the part of the brain that assesses risk and controls impulsive behavior is not fully developed until the age 25 (23 for females), providing a physical reason why restrictions such as night curfews and limiting peer passengers is so important”. ( Professor Cass) One of the leading causes of teenage accidents is inexperience. Teenage drivers don’t have the experience of driving a car. Also
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