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Note Taking Project When taking notes, you have to be able to find a method that works best for you. Some people will have different methods they use, depending on the type of class and/or professor they have. There are some basic “hints” for good note taking that include the following (Ten Steps to Good Note Taking): * Don’t write everything down, learn to paraphrase * Use key words and your own words * Take accurate notes * Have a system to your note taking * Keep your notes short and to the point * If you miss something, leave a blank and try to fill it in later * Keep notes organized and in one place * Rework your notes shortly afterwards when the material is still fresh in your mind * Review your notes periodically For those students who take classes where the professor uses power points, ask the teacher to provide the students with them so you can either print them out and make notes as the professor goes through them, or if you can bring your laptop to class then utilize the notes area at the bottom of each slide to type notes as they go through them. Usually if a professor writes something on the board, it is important, so write it down. Or if the professor says “this is important” or gives you any other hints that the information will be useful to you down the road, then try to write it down exactly and put an asterisk or highlight the information. That way you know for sure to go back and review that information (Ten Steps to Good Note Taking). There are a few methods to note taking including The Cornell Method, The Outlining Method and the Mapping Method. All of them are different, and not all of them will work for every student and for every class. The Cornell Method is popular because it puts your notes into different parts, drawing a line down the paper leaving about 2.5 inches on the left and about

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