English 240: Film And Literature Syllabus

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Spring 2013 English 240 – Film and Literature Instructor: Carolyn Daly. PhD Office Telephone: 818-833-3311 email: cdaly62@gmail.com web page: http://www.lamission.edu/~dalycc Office Location: Instructional Building, Office #13 Office Hours: Mon. 10:30 am – 12:00 pm and 6:45 pm – 7:15 pm; Weds. 9:40 am - 12:10 pm and 6:45 pm – 7:15 pm; Syllabus Course Description This is a course developing critical thinking, reading, and writing skills using literature and motion pictures as subject matter. Emphasis is placed on a comparison and contrast of literature to motion pictures. At the end of English 240, the student will be able to: SLO#1 Analyze literary works using literary terms to dissect plot, theme and characters. SLO#2 Analyze and discuss…show more content…
1-17) http://thenostalgialeague.com/olmag/haycox.html 2/18 (Holiday –no class) (in Adaptations pp. 18-33; in Reader: “Adaptation Studies at a Crossroads”) 2/25 “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” 1993 / Smoke Signals 1998 (in Adaptations, pp.34 -49) Paper One and Two Assigned (due 3/11 and 4/22) Suspense/Film Noir: 3/4 “Maltese Falcon” 1930 / Maltese Falcon 1941 (in Adaptations. pp. 50 – 82; st FYI: novel’s 1 chapter and portion of script is included in this reading) 3/11 ”The Killers” 1927/ The Killers 1946 (in Adaptations, pp. 127 - 132; 151-153) Paper One due 3/18 ”Memento Mori” 2001 / Memento 2000 (in Adaptations, pp. 137 -153; Nolan’s story is included in this reading); Proposal for Research Paper/Project due today (typed) Horror: 3/25 “Herbert West—Reanimator: Six Shots by Moonlight” 1922 / Reanimator 1985 (Take-Home Midterm-due 4/8) Spring Break: 3/29 – 4/05 (no class) (in Adaptations, pp. 83 -100; Research Paper/Project Bibliography due next week 4/8 “The Fly” 1958 / The Fly 1986 (Midterm due) Research Paper/Project Bibliography due today Theatrical Adaptation: 4/15 God of Carnage 2006/ Carnage 2011 (purchase book in LAMC bookstore) (in Adaptations, pp. 158 – 183; you can skim portion on Soldier’s Story) Graphic Novel: 4/22 Ghost World 1997 / Ghost World 2001 (purchase book in LAMC bookstore) (in Adaptations, pp. 100 - 126); Paper Two due Comedy/Drama: 4/29 “Baster” 1996 / The…show more content…
I will correct the grammar in the first essay. For all subsequent essays, if there are more than three grammatical and/or style errors, and more than two errors in any given paragraph, the essay will be returned to the student for revision. (Each revision will lower the student’s grade by half a mark (ex.: from “B” to a “B-“). There are workshops, tutoring, and online exercises for students who need to refresh their grammar, MLA, or other writing skills. Please ask me about these resources so that you can succeed in this course. Final drafts of essays will be evaluated on the following criteria: *Content and development: Controlling idea, specific support, coherence *Expression: Sentence structure and variety, precise word choices *Organization: Clear and meaningful thesis, transitions, and overall unity *Grammar, mechanics and usage: Standard written English, punctuation, spelling, meaningful title, and identifying of sources A (excellent): This paper demonstrates strength in all of the evaluation criteria listed above. It has a compelling, original, and thoughtful main point that is supported by accurate details, examples, and explanations. The paper is easy to follow because it is clearly organized and has transitional markers. In addition, precise and lively word choices are combined into balanced, clear sentences. There are few, if any, deviations from standard usage, grammar, and

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