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NOTE: Few lab manuals are perfect! Sometimes adjustments in procedure need to be made for the best results. The syllabus describes most of these changes, but additional changes may be necessary. It is the responsibility of the student to make note of any such change when given by the TA. SPECIAL NOTE: For safety reasons, if you are more than 15 minutes late to prelab lecture or you completely miss a shorter lecture, you may not perform the experiment. Please ask the lab coordinator if a make-up lab is possible. Aug.27-Sept.1 Orientation, check-in. Wash glassware and watch films on safety and using standard equipment. Sept. 3 Labor Day (No labs. After today, Monday will be the last day of the “lab week”.) Sept.4-10 Remember to bring your lab coat, goggles, lab manual, lab notebook (with sections I-V of the Laboratory Format Handout already completed), and lock. You will not be allowed to participate without the proper shoes, lab coat and goggles. Prelaboratory preparation: Read pages 1 – 30 and 45 – 54 of the lab text. You may disregard the microscale distillation procedures of TECH 0704. Answer in your laboratory notebook the Safety Quiz on pages 11 – 12 and the Prelab Questions 1, 2a, 2b, 3 -5, pp. 67 - 68. EXPERIMENT: TECH 0704, Distillation, macroscale technique only, simple and fractional: Substitute a mixture of 25 mL ethanol and 25 mL water for the toluene/cyclohexane mixture. Record the temperature at 2 mL intervals of distillate. Use glass beads to pack the fractionating column. Construct a graph of temperature vs volume for each distillation in your lab notebook. Compare the efficiencies of the two distillation methods in your lab notebook. Postlab questions: 1,3 on p. 65. Please include the answers in the appropriate section of your lab report. (Results and Discussion or Conclusions) Sept. 11-17 Prelaboratory

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