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What developmental models best account for the causes of developmental difficulties? “Development “refers to the changes in a child as he or she grows from immature infants to capable, mature adult”. This essay will help to understand the developmental difficulties in children. These difficulties can delay or effect their growth as well as their perception and understanding. Some children have to face difficulties as they grow like physical, emotional and behaviour. In this essay I am particularly going to discuss behavioural issues in children, what is behaviour difficulty, causes of bad behaviour how it effect on a child. Disturbing behaviour in children is being discussed as a very popular topic between psychologists and writers. There are quite a few causes of disturbed behaviour mainly parents marital relationship, parents negative behaviour, lack of attention and negligence from parents, social background, poverty, age, mental health issue and biological and genetics like ADHD. The two dominant perspectives which explain the disturbed and disturbing behaviour are, The Medical Model which sees disturbed behaviour lying within the child as a disorder with an organic cause. This approach has few limitations since there is often no clear-cut physical cause in disturbing/disturbed development. And the second perspective is the Social Environment Model, which sees the causes of problems as rooted in the environment, such as in disturbed patterns of parental care. Neither of these two perspectives satisfactorily account for development of Disturbed behaviour by itself, since development is the result of complex transactions or interactions between individual and social processes. Liu (1999) identified five risk factors which have been common in literature relating to abnormal behaviour. These factors are: Social background, Mother's mental state, and

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