3.1 Explain How To Monitor Children And Young People's Development Essay

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1.3.1 Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods: When children and young people’s development is monitored and assessed, it enables practitioners and professionals to notice when they are not progressing as expected. Therefore, if necessary checks can be made to see why children are not developing as expected. If we intervene in early years, they will be able to get appropriate support they need and their development is promoted. There are several methods of monitoring children’s development. Observations play a very important part in assessing the children’s development. In settings, practitioners watch children play and how they are behaving. Some observations do not need the practitioner to interact…show more content…
They always have a different perspective, see the child in a variety of different situations and they are aware of their learning and behaviour outside the setting. Professionals use various standard measurements to monitor and assess children’s physical development and to determine whether they are growing at the expected rate of their age. This kind of checks will be done by health practitioners (GP, Health visitors...). They may use different tests to see how a child is performing compared to the large group of other children in the same age group. For example they may use growth assessments to measure and assess the children’s height, weight and head circumference, auditory assessments to monitor and assess the children’s levels of response, reasoning assessments to monitor and assess children’s reasoning carried out by educational psychologists, cognitive aptitude assessments to monitor and assess children’s intelligence and they are widely carried out in schools. The assessment framework is the way in which a child is assessed to determine whether they are in need and what the nature of those needs is in order to meet their needs appropriately. In
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