Psy481u Assignment 2

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PSY481U Assignment 2 Theme 1: Learning and Behaviour Disorders Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders “Children with ADHD continue to pose a considerable challenge to their families and society at large” Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder associated with socially disruptive behaviours such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Cantwell (1996) explained that these behaviours may cause significant impairment and interference in numerous areas of a child’s normal development. Furthermore, according to Tutorial letter 101 for PSY481U (2010) children with ADHD also have a consequential impact on the lives of those surrounding the child. The focus of this essay will be a discussion on the challenges…show more content…
Rabineer (2006) explained that as many as half of these children may participate in anti-social behaviour. These behaviours may range from acts such as petty theft, drug abuse and even violent acts of destruction or intentional harm to others. This provides us with yet another example of the challenges ADHD children pose on broader society. Taking into account the afore mentioned challenges ADHD children pose to society, it becomes pertinent to question the impact of their behaviour closer to home, that is, within their own family. Rabiner (1999) quoted the results of a study conducted by Kaplan, Crawford, Fisher and Dewey (1998) which revealed that parents of ADHD children reported feeling considerably dissatisfied with their family life. The following quotation highlights the impact an ADHD child has on parents. A parent needs abundant love and wisdom, a parent must be knowledgeable about education, a parent must acquire the skills and sophistication in managing behavior that psychologists have acquired after years of study, and a parent must develop the patience of a model clergy man or woman. Although it can take a lifetime to acquire any of these skills, the demands of parenting an ADHD child necessitates that all of them be acquired in an instant. (Jacobs 1998, p. 1) as cited in Rafalovich 2000, p.
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