PSY 410 Aggression In Families

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Hailee Labyer Mrs. Davis PSYCH 1113_410 11 October 2013 Aggression Aggression in families Meadan, Hedda. Halle W., James. Ebata T., Aaron. “Families With Children Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders: Stress and Support,” (7-9). Exceptional children 2010: This article specifies the impact that ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can have on families. Stress and aggression are two main outcomes of children with this disorder. Researchers have found that mothers with children of ASD are more than likely to have more stress than mothers with Down syndrome. Not only does this disorder cause aggression and stress in family life, but also it makes life much more difficult for the child with the disorder resulting in added aggression in them than usual. Furthermore, this aggression in the child is added to due to family stress plus the aggression already formed in their brain. While the behavior caused by…show more content…
Antisocial behavior and aggression has been shown to link back to the rejection of those around you as a young child. It is believed that peer rejection at a young age is the cause of later stress while also affecting the development in that child. “It is hypothesized that, as a provocation stimulus, peer social rejection will lead children to respond with increased reactive and proactive aggressive behavior,” (Dodge & Coie, 2987). This quote narrows the article down to one main subject; that subject being the aggression caused in a child caused by rejection from peers or others around them. Not only does social rejection cause stress and aggression in a young child, it results in stress among the family due to the child’s behavioral changes. Robert M. Hodapp. “Mental Retardation: II. Contextual Issues.” Development and Disabilities

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