Eagle and Snail from Two Different Worlds Essay

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Eagle and Snail from Two Different Worlds Eagle and snail, I have never put them together before since they are so different. Eagle is vigorous, agile and sharp, while snail is weak, slow and clumsy. Eagle is cruel, vicious and never hesitated to kill its kind, while snail is kind, honest and never harmful to any life. Eagle has a pair of wings, while snail carries a heavy shell. Both of them were born to be totally different since one is in the air and the other is on the ground, the only same point of them is that they can reach the top of the pyramid. Eagle is a symbol of talent and speed and it can fly above the skies. There is no doubt that eagle can reach the top of the pyramid. In contrast, snail can not fly and does not have the wings, it has a heavy shell at the same time. The biggest features of snail are perseverance and patience and the heavy shell can keep snail safe, but it does not work no matter how patience it is if the shell is fragile. Different from eagle, the reason snail can reach the top of the pyramid is because its unceasing dedication, but also because its thick shell. The shell of snail is very hard and can protect snail. It is said that once, a man saw a snail wore thick shell crawling very hard and removed its shell with good intention, and as a result, the snail soon died. It is because the shell which looks thick and some weight-bearing that the tiny snail begin the Long March and then reach the top of the pyramid. During the process of reaching the peak, the shell of snail and the wings of eagle play the same role. Unfortunately, most people only envy eagle’s wings while not care about the snails’ shell in their life. Eagle reaches the top of pyramid with its super ability, while snail looks obscure with unceasing dedication. There are very few people with gift and talent as eagle in life. Then to common people like snail to

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