Why Did Truman Drop The Atomic Bomb?

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On the 6th of August 1945, the USA dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The atomic bomb, "Little Boy", was dropped from Enola Gay. On the first instant, 71,000 vanished immediately on the spot, and later on, another 49,000 died as a result of injuries and radiation. Three days later, on the 9th of August, the USA dropped a second bomb, "Fat Man", on Nagasaki. This time, 40,000 were killed instantly, and another 40,000 due to injuries and radiation. Common descriptions of the bombing include a "mushroom cloud", an extremely bright flash of light that caused blindness, severe burns (skin hanging from people, eyes burnt, people turned into ash etc.), and the entire area being literally flattened. It was said that the heat produced was equivalent to the sun, and that the force of one atomic bomb was equivalent to 67 million sticks of dynamite! After the war, atomic bombs have never been used again. This essay will explain the many reasons why Truman decided to drop the bomb. First of all, one of the reasons Truman dropped the bomb was to test it. The USA spent 2 billion USD to develop and build the bomb, and it would've been a huge waste of money and time if the bomb was not used. Also, even though the bomb was actually already tested on a desert in New Mexico, the area which they tested the bomb on was actually completely empty and isolated, with no human beings and no buildings whatsoever in it at all. Additionally, the test that was carried out was actually a controlled explosion, so the government was unsure whether or not the bomb was a dud, and wanted to see whether or not the bomb would still work if it was dropped from a plane above. The only way to find out was to actually really drop it on to an actual city, and during that moment, Japan was a very good place to test it, as there weren't any Americans there at that time. Another
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