Aluminum vs Wooden Bate

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ALUMINUM BATS vs. WOODEN BATS Aluminum bats were introduced in the 1970’s and there has been a controversy ever since. Before aluminum bats, all that was used were wooden bats. Wooden bats were the norm but players were seeking better performance and greater quality equipment to better themselves and the game. With aluminum bats, they gained greater ball speed and bat life. Statistics show that there is significant evidence that the aluminum bat can out-perform the wooden bat on every level. Several differences were examined. The wooden bat is made out of Ash wood. The wood is especially thin near the handle which makes it easily broken. College teams have been known to break over 2 dozen wooden bats in a single season. There are very few major league games played that a bat isn’t broken. The aluminum bat handle, however, is a thin cylindrical tube with thick walls. The aluminum bat is very strong and will not break. It is possible to break an aluminum bat but it is extremely rare. Aluminum bats have the ability to last for decades if they are treated properly. There are players that have used the same aluminum bat all through their High School or College career. Even if a player is extremely careful with his wooden bat, every time he comes up to bat he risks ruining it. It has been proven time after time that balls hit off of an aluminum bat are traveling at a much high rate of speed than balls hit with a wooden bat. The faster ball speed limits the field player’s reaction time. Many players have been injured by getting hit with a ball because it was coming at them at such a high rate of speed they didn’t have time to get out of the way. Major League mandates wooden bats simply because the aluminum bats can make the ball so dangerous. The cost of a wooden bat is relatively low compared to an aluminum bat. A good wooden bat can be purchased
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