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1. Who will you be interviewing? Jane (name changed for anonymity purposes) a work colleague and a friend. 2. What do you know about their role or views already? Jane works in a foundation setting attached to an independent school .Jane is Key worker to 15 children and 3 of her children have ELL needs. Jane is committed to inclusion through mainstream schooling. She works alongside other professionals to enable all her children to benefit from the additional support, Although 2 children are taken out during the day for speech therapy 3. Why have you chosen this person as a good interviewee for the assignment? Jane is an early year’s practitioner who has worked in a nursery and works alongside me within an independent school setting which is attached to a primary setting. Jane has experienced of various types of settings, both providing Early Years Foundation Stage (DCSF 2008) curriculum. She has also just completed her degree in early years and her perspective to equality, inclusion and participation through training and experience have altered 4. What, if any, issues are there regarding permission, safety or ethics in interviewing this person? (See ‘Guidance on conducting an interview’ in eTMA 05 Part A in the E214 Assignment and End-of-Module Assessment Guide.) Jane has read the ethical guidelines on the interview and has granted permission to be interviewed. She also sought permission from her place of employment to discuss her practice and was granted permission provided children were not identified by name. Jane was also informed that she could stop the interview at any time and if she was happy to be interviewed by me. 5. What ideas do you have for questions at this stage? (Continue writing on separate sheet if necessary.) What do you think inclusion really means? Is inclusion a fantasy that is impossible to

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