Observing Harry Essay

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Observing Harry Child Development and Learning 0–5 This innovative book is about Harry, a determined little boy, who is intrinsically motivated to explore his world from an early age. His parents and grandparents find him so fascinating that they keep a written and video diary of Harry’s play from eight months to five years, at home and at the nursery. The author offers theories about how children learn and applies the theories to the observations of Harry. The book demonstrates how effectively Harry accesses each area of the curriculum through his interests. It shows how Harry develops coping strategies when the family experiences major changes. It also highlights the contribution made by Harry’s parents and his early years educators to his early education. Much of what we learn about Harry’s early learning can be applied to many other young children. Providing a unique look at one child’s early development and learning, this book will be of interest to all who are fascinated by how young children learn – nursery practitioners, early years teachers, parents, students and advisers. Cath Arnold has worked in the field of early education for over 25 years, both in the private and public sectors. She is currently working at the Pen Green Centre in Corby as a Researcher looking at young children’s emotional well-being. Cover design: Barker/Hilsdon Observing Observing Harry Cath Arnold Harry Child Development and Learning 0 – 5 C A T H www.openup.co.uk A R N O L D Observing Harry Observing Harry Child development and learning 0–5 Cath Arnold Open University Press Open University Press McGraw-Hill Education McGraw-Hill House Shoppenhangers Road Maidenhead Berkshire England SL6 2QL email: enquiries@openup.co.uk world wide web: www.openup.co.uk First published 2003 Copyright © Cath Arnold 2003 All rights reserved. Except for the
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